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About CMA Profession

  • CMA is known as Certified Management Accountant course of USA. This is a global professional qualification awarded by Institute of Management Accountant(IMA) of USA.
  • This course is aimed at gaining strong knowledge in Management Accounting and Financial Management field. Due to in-depth business analysis the member of this qualification gets advanced skills required to manage finance function, gives leadership skill and global perspective to the business.
  • Currently it is most respected and highly paid profession in USA.

Top benefits of doing CMA

  • Members get international credibility.
  • Global Opportunities and great recognition in India as well. Many jobs in KPO/BPO/MNCs.
  • It is an elevator to reach top finance positions in the organisation in a faster way. Highly recommended for working people for faster promotions in their career.
  • It is a short duration course, easy curriculum and easy exam methodology compare to any other profession course in the world.
  • Comparatively less costly than any other professional studies (it cost less than INR 1.2 lakh).
  • CMA is recognised by many countries accounting bodies and educational universities and thereby, the members of CMA will get exemption in many other professional course such as CPA, ICWA, CIMA etc.
  • CMA- India and CMA-USA has reciprocal arrangement and there by member of one profession will get qualification of other profession. Easy way to get two qualifications.
  • Globally CMA, USA people gets 60% higher salary than other professions

course outline of CMA, USA

  • Only two papers – Part I & Part II
  • Computer based exam, with more focus on objective type of questions.
  • Exam centres are there all most all parts of the world (Centres are there in all big cities in India)
  • course can be finished in 6 months to 12 months duration.
  • Graduate can pursue while in final year.
  • Not much restrictions during study duration. Suitable for students and working people.
  • Study materials and online content is widely available.

Eligibility to do CMA, USA

  • Any graduate can do CMA
  • Under graduate also can pursue while in Final years
  • Working professional can also pursue along with their job.

Degree must be from an accredited university. Foundation knowledge of economics, basic statistics and financial accounting is recommended.

Registration Procedure

  • Enrol with IMA by paying membership fee through online CMA portal.
  • Pay the entrance fee of CMA through online
  • Complete examinations through online and get required marks to pass
  • Have required educational qualification and produce certificates
  • Have/complete at least two years of experience.
  • Sign off with IMA statement of Ethics and Professional Practice.

CMA candidate need to pass the entire exams within three (3) years, otherwise student need to do registration once again.

Cost of Registration

Students professional
IMA membership fee 39 245
CMA registration fee 188 250
Examination fee - Part I 311 415
Examination fee – Part II 311 415

Subjects in CMA,USA Exam

Part – 1 : Financial Reporting, Planning, Performance and Control

  • External financial reporting decisions (15%)
  • Planning, budgeting and forecasting (30%)
  • Performance Management (20%)
  • Cost Management (20%)
  • Internal Controls (15%)

Part – 2 : Financial Decision Making

  • Financial Statement Analysis (25%)
  • Corporate Financing (20%)
  • Decision Analysis (20%)
  • Risk Management (10%)
  • Investment Decisions (15%)
  • Professional Ethics (10%)

Exam Structure

  • Exam will be conducted on line mode at ‘Prometric Centres’
  • Exam will be conduced in every 4 months in the following combined seasons/testing window:
    • - Jan & Feb/ May & June/September & October
  • Exam appointment/enrolment can be made at any ‘Prometric Centre’
  • Exam will be conducted for two papers and student can apply each paper or two papers together.
  • Each part of the exam will be as below. The total time for the exam is 4 hours.
    • - Multiple choice questions - 100 questions - 3 hours
    • - Essay type questions - 2 questions - 1 hours (each 30 min)
  • First student need to complete multiple-choice questions and once complete he/she need to attempt essay questions. In other words, once student starts essay question, he/she will not have an option to go back to the multiple-choice section of the exam. Also, if student is not able to complete multiple-choice questions in 3 hours, he/she will be automatically moved to essay section.
  • The candidate must secure minimum marks in multiple choice to move to essay section. The minimum marks are as below:
    • - In Part I exam - 40%
    • - In Part II exam- 50%
  • Results will be declared in six weeks’ time.
  • Student can appear Part by Part exam. It means after passing one part, he can go for another part. However, as the validity of registration is three years, one need to complete two parts in three years otherwise, candidate will lose the credit for part passed earlier.

CMA, India (ICWA) and CMA, USA - MOU

  • CMA India and CMA USA had entered in to an agreement to exchange the membership between their members. Accordingly, member of one profession will get membership in another profession.
  • Students who get the CMA USA qualification, will get CMA, India (ICWA) qualification without writing any papers in the ICWA.
  • It means by writing 2 papers in CMA USA, one can get exemption for 16 papers in CMA, India (ICWA). It is really an amazing. However, Indian student need to write the exam outside India in to avail this benefit.
  • To avoid any doubt, if India Student opt for exam centre in India, he will get only CMA, USA qualification upon passing but in case if he opts for centres outside India (like Nepal, Srilanka etc.) he will get two qualifications.

Indian Finance course- CA/ICWA Vs CMA, USA

CA/ICWA course, India CMA, USA
1. Indian course are generally long duration – average 3 to 4 years it takes 1.It is very short duration course – average 6 months to 12 months.
2. Recognized only in India 2. Recognized across world
3. Descriptive exams – Pass % is very low 3. Majority objective type exam – Pass % is higher
4. Very difficult curriculum – 16 papers, training requirements, More study rules etc 4. Not so difficult – only 2 papers
5. Exams 2 times 5. Exams 3 times

World of Opportunities for CMA, USA

Demand for CMA, USA

  • The demand of CMA is increasing in multi-fold in India with the arrival of many US companies and flow of BPO/off-shore business in India.
  • CMA is used to bring strategic thinking, analysis and decision.
  • MNC are using CMA, USA as a Learning and development strategy to their finance employees.
  • The common role where CMA are hired – Financial Analyst, FP&A, Finance Manager, Internal Audit, Price and Commercial analyst, Business analyst, CFO etc.

Areas for CMA in Business

  • MIS reporting
  • Budgeting
  • Treasury & Cash Management
  • Cost& management accounting and reporting
  • Stores management
  • Purchase and Commercials
  • Finance Manager (overall handling of finance)
  • Financial Planner and Analyst (overall budgeting and reporting works)
  • Consolidation of group accounts
  • Investment planning
  • Risk Management
  • Credit analyst
  • Stock broking
  • Relationship manager/product specialist in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Companies
  • Strategy and Business development
  • Chief Financial Officer

General Income Range of CMA

CMA Fresher in Industry Approx. INR 4 lakhs to INR 6 lakhs in a year
CMA after 10 years in Industry Approx. INR 20 to 30 lakhs (Current level)

CMA Coaching Classes in Bangalore

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